Ways to Give

Thank you for your contribution to Chinese Christian Church of New Jersey. Your donation will do much to further God's kingdom. Be assured that your bank and credit card information is handled by a secure service and not by CCCNJ. Please consider donating by bank transfer so that CCCNJ does not incur credit card fees.

Please consider donote in following ways:

Mail a Check

Please send your check to CCCNJ and write on the envelope:  
CCCNJ  (Attn: FD B04)
232 South Beverwyck Rd, Parsippany,
NJ 07054

Give via Zelle

To give via Zelle, please send your offering to giving@cccnj.org. Specify the following information:

  • Recipient's Email (Required): giving@cccnj.org
  • Recipient's  Name (Required): CCCNJ
  • Message to Recipient (Required): include your NameOffering ID (or address), and fund(s).

Stock or Fund Donation

The procedures for donating stock or mutual fund to CCCNJ are very simple as the following. 
  1. Please ask the Treasurer Trustee/Deacon Trustee to obtain or download the stock contribution form.
  2. Fill out the form and signed, send over to your broker/financial adviser and/or investment bank, and ask them to transfer the stocks/mutual funds to CCCNJ.
  3. If the transfer process is completed, please inform Treasurer Trustee of your donation. In addition, you can also advise Treasurer Trustee/Deacon the fund allocations for which funds your contributions will be placed.
  4. Finally, church Treasurer Trustee will provide you an acknowledge letter/receipt in January of the following year as the proof for your tax return.
Compared to the cash contributions, the stock and/or mutual fund donations have the following benefits:
  1. You don't have to pay income tax on profits from selling stocks or mutual funds.
  2. If you use itemized deductions for tax filing, you will get a higher tax deduction especially from the capital gain.
Example, if you
Case A: $3,000 cash/check donation to CCCNJ in 2020; or
Case B: Been purchased 50 shares of Novartis (NVS) with $60/share in 2016 (total investment $3,000), and then, with the share price increased to $90/share, donated these shares with total worth $4,500 in 2020
(A) Cash/Check
Donation $3,000
(B) donating 50 shares
of NVS, Worth $4,500
28.1% Income Tax(Fed/State)
15% Capital Gain Profit Tax
Total tax-free contribution
Note: The assumption is calculated based on 22% federal income tax and 6.1% NJ income tax in 2020.

Employer Matching

Many companies promote charitable donations by providing employer matching to employees. If your company offers employer matching program, please follow the company specific process to make donation. You may need to verify CCCNJ (Chinese Christian Church of New Jersey) is on the list of employer matching organizations first.


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