Adult small fellowship groups are formed for members with similar interests.  Group members seek to encourage one another through mutual learning and fellowship.
Below is a list of affinity groups that may interest you. Feel free to contact each person listed.

Fellowship Time Place Contact Name Email Address
Friday English Adult Sharing Time(FEAST) Monthly, Friday at 8 pm leader's home Amy Yuey smallgroup@cccnj.org
Young Adults Ministry (YAM) Tuesdays at 8 pm Church Clifford Yan  smallgroup@cccnj.org
Branches Sunday at 10 am Church Tim & Claudia smallgroup@cccnj.org
Family Group Monthly, Fridays at 7:30 pm member's home Steven Finch  smallgroup@cccnj.org
Half+Half Monthly, Saturday  member's home Ketty & Jeff smallgroup@cccnj.org
River Dwellers Thursdays at 8 pm Online & homes Jane & Shanko smallgroup@cccnj.org
Living Water Every two month, Friday 8 pm member's home member's home smallgroup@cccnj.org
Men's Bible Study Fellowship Tuesdays at 7 pm Online Alice and Larry smallgroup@cccnj.org
Women's Bible Study Fellowship Wednesdays at 10 am Online Amy  smallgroup@cccnj.org




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