Youth Sunday School

As Youth Group, we place the Scripture in high value. Sunday School is an opportunity for us to dive deeper into learning, processing and challenging our understanding of the Bible so that we don't just blindly accept or receive what people tell us, whether for or against the Bible.

There is a total of 4 classes. One of the classes will be online to accomodate those who cannot make it in person. The other three classes will be held at CCCNJ

Summer 2021 Sunday School 

6-11th God's Attributes Amanda Chen & Isaac Hu
6-11th God's Attributes Gloria Wu & Visalia Woo CCCNJ Upper Grange
6-11th God's Attributes Andrew Zhu & Michelle Lee CCCNJ Upper Grange
12th How to stay Christian in College Pastor Joseph CCCNJ Upper Grange


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