Children's Sunday School

Due to the pandemic, all Sunday School classes are held online. Please contact Ms. Sharon Hwuang ( for Zoom links information.

2s/3s Sat. 11:10am
4s/5s Sun. 11:15am
1st grade Sun. 10:00am
2nd grade Thurs.7:00pm
3rd grade Sun. 10:00am
4th grade Sun. 9:45am
5th grade Fri. 7:00pm
reGen Kids Sun. 10:00am


There are Sunday school classes for children from ages two up to fifth grade. They not only learn Bible truth but also learn how to love, to share and to care for their peers. Attending Sunday School is also a good way for children to make Christian friends; and this friendship at church can be carried on to their teenage years.

Time: Sunday 9:45am - 11:00am
Lesson: Gospel Light for ages 2 - 5; Scripture Press for grades 1 - 5
2s/3s B06-08
4s B25
5s 203
1st grade 211
2nd grade 202
3rd grade 200
4th grade 208
reGen Kids 205


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